The Sprint Series



Classes: GT, GTA, GTS, TC, TCA, TCR

Sprint: maximum race time of 50 minutes, with no required pit stops and distance travel/number of laps changes with each new track and track conditions.

-TC, TCA, TCR races are 40 minutes long with laps and distances also changing between each track. 

SprintX: races are 60 minutes, with one required pit stop, at least 25 minutes into the races, with the pit window opening. Pit stop must meet a minimum entry to exit time requirement. 


GTS/GT4: Smaller-power model sports cars with a lower permissible prep level. SRO GT4 cars–RWD, FWD and AWD–are permitted as are turbocharged and normally-aspirated vehicles. 

Power range is 300-400 whp. Each GT4 car is homologated through the SRO, while also meeting each classes safety requirement. The SRO  sets restrictions per make and model such as: the standard manufacture inputs, ride height, restrictor, tire size, and weight.

Adjustments of Performance (BOP): The Pirelli World Challenge reserves the right to make adjusts towards the SRO’s restrictions of the vehicles, insuring a fair and even performance between the manufactures. 












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